What was the reason that Poland wanted a part of Germany north of Stettin/Szczecin and west of the Oder?

The proposed border in the west along the Oder and western Neisse (with Stettin included) was important for security and economic reasons.

What separates Germany and Poland?


The German-Polish border, at a length of 472 km, mainly follows the course of the Oder and its tributary, the Neisse. For this reason it is frequently referred to as the “Oder-Neisse” line. However, in the north the border moves away from the Oder, passing to the west of Szczecin.

When did Szczecin become part of Poland?


Szczecin became part of the emerging Polish state under its first historic ruler Mieszko I of Poland in 967, part of which it remained for several decades.

Where is Germany from Poland?

Countries Distance Map

Poland Distance To Country Distance (km) Flight Time (hr)
Lithuania 477.8 0.52
Hungary 529.55 0.58
Austria 590.35 0.65
Germany 606.62 0.66