Who turned the (originally) “anti-slavery” GOP into the “pro-business” party?

Which political party opposed the spread of slavery?

In 1854, the Republican Party emerged to combat the expansion of slavery into American territories after the passing of the Kansas–Nebraska Act.

What is the name of the anti-slavery political party formed in 1854?

The Free Soil Party was a short-lived coalition political party in the United States active from 1848 to 1854, when it merged into the Republican Party. The party was largely focused on the single issue of opposing the expansion of slavery into the western territories of the United States.

What political party was known as the Anti-slavery party quizlet?

The Republican Party began as a series of anti-slavery political meetings held in the Midwest in 1854. John C. Fremont was the first Republican presidential candidate to win the office in 1856.

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