Why didn’t the Romans set up breeding mechanisms as a main source to supplement their population of slaves instead of relying on defeated enemies?

How was Roman slavery different from American slavery?

In the Roman Empire, slaves could obtain freedom much more quickly than slaves during 1600s-1800s in North America. Also, in the Roman Empire, slaves were at times educated, held status within their households and were valued by their owners.

Why did Romans free slaves?

During the Pax Romana of the early Roman Empire (1st–2nd centuries AD), the emphasis was placed on maintaining stability, and the lack of new territorial conquests dried up this supply line of human trafficking. To maintain an enslaved workforce, increased legal restrictions on freeing slaves were put into place.

What was the role of slavery in Rome?

However, it’s clear slavery played a significant role, acting as a vital component of Roman society and its economy. Enslaved people were ubiquitous in the city and countryside, in both households and businesses, and their ownership was not limited to the elite. Flask shaped like a crouching African captive.

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