Fulco Beltran of Provence

Fulk Beltran I (died April 27, 1051) was joint count of Provence with his elder brother William IV from 1018 and with his younger brother Godfrey I from at least 1032 if not earlier. On William’s death, Fulk assumed the title of margrave, indicating leadership of the dynasty. They were sons of William II, Count of Provence.

With Godfrey, Fulk made a donation to the abbey of Cluny on May 26, 1037 and to St. Victor in Marseilles on January 16, 1040. Fulk Beltran was a great advocate of the renewed monasticism of Provence in the early 11th century. He assembled a council of clergy and nobility to found the abbey of St. Promasius near Forcalquier and to restore Bremetense near Gap, which had been destroyed by the Saracens of Fraxinetum.

He and his brother relinquished control of much of the royal territory, which had been under the control of the counts of Provence since the time of William the Liberator. It was largely parcelled out as allodians and vassals and the weakening of the county of Provence as a united political entity can be dated from his reign.

Despite his and his brother’s generosity to Fulk, Viscount of Marseilles, Fulk Beltran made war on him in 1031, attacking Toulon.


He married Hildegard of Toulouse, (granddaughter of Raymond III of Toulouse) and they had two sons, William Beltran and Godfrey II. He had a daughter, Gerberga.

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