Victorio Casado Fernández

Victorio Casado Fernández (Navalmoral de la Mata, May 21, 1902 – Madrid, July 2, 1940) was a Spanish politician and trade unionist.


A railwayman by profession, he worked for the Compañía Nacional de los Ferrocarriles del Oeste. He was affiliated with the National Railway Union of the UGT and the PSOE. In February 1936 he was appointed mayor of his hometown, Navalmoral de la Mata. After the outbreak of the Civil War he went to Madrid, where he belonged to the Extremadura militias. He even visited the Soviet Union. During the war he served as political commissar of the 1st, 66th and 69th divisions, as well as the 1st Army Corps.

After the end of the war he was arrested by Franco’s forces, tried, sentenced to death and shot in 1940.

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