Villa Centenario (San Juan)

Villa Centenario is a town in the province of San Juan, Argentina, in the Pocito department.


It has 699 inhabitants (Indec, 2001), in the 1991 Census the town was not yet conformed.


Seismicity in the Cuyo area (central western Argentina) is frequent and of low intensity, and a seismic silence of medium to severe earthquakes every 20 years in different random areas.

The Civil Defense Day was assigned by a decree remembering the earthquake that destroyed the city of Caucete on November 23, 1977, with more than 40,000 homeless victims. There were no records of ground failure, and the most notable effect of the earthquake was the extensive liquefaction area (possibly thousands of km²).

The most dramatic effect of liquefaction was observed in the city, 70 km from the epicenter: large amounts of sand were seen in fissures up to 1 m wide and more than 2 m deep. In some of the houses above these fissures, the ground was covered with more than 1 dm of sand.

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