Vietnam war: did infantry really have to clear the way for tanks as depicted in “Full Metal Jacket”?

How historically accurate is Full Metal Jacket?

HISTORICAL ACCURACY: FMJ is not meant to be historically accurate. It is based on a novel, but Hasford was a correspondent in Vietnam and supposedly based the book on personal experiences. The Joker character is apparently based on him. The boot camp segment is realistic as to Marine boot camp in 1967.

How effective were tanks in the Vietnam War?

Because the often soggy Vietnamese terrain limited their range, tanks did not play a major role in Vietnam. They did, however, provide valuable support to American forces in the south, securing contested roadways and engaging enemy troops. The most common U.S. tank was the M48.

What tanks did they use in Full Metal Jacket?

Note, the M41 tanks are belong to the Belgian Army, according to movie’s director Stanley Kubrick.

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